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Looking for a speaker? I give well-received talks to social clubs, retirement communities, libraries, and senior centers. These presentations feature lots of stories as well as practical tips, techniques, and handouts to inspire participants.


I also lead memoir-writing workshops and provide coaching and consulting services. Read on for more details.

From Memories to Memoirs:
Vignettes from the Work of a Personal Historian


In this entertaining slide presentation, I offer a behind-the-scenes look at my work creating personal and family memoir books a wide range of clients.


I review ways to capture life stories and family histories, share anecdotes from the archives — the highlights, the near-disasters, and a few stories that never made it into print — and provide practical tips and resources for those engaged in their own life-story projects.


Talks also cover: research on the beneficial effects of reminiscence • some differences between personal histories and genealogies • memory joggers to get your stories flowing


Life Story Classes and Workshops:
A fun, inspirational way to kick-start your personal history


These half- or full-day classes provide a supportive, interactive context in which to work on your personal history project. Get started, stay motivated, and share your stories with others. Topics include:


Various ways to record your life story and family history • How to gather and organize your reminiscences • Using memory joggers and writing exercises to capture memories • Practical tips, techniques, and resources to support your personal history project


To be notified of upcoming classes, workshops, and memoir-writing groups, drop us your e-mail address


Consultations with DIY Memoirists

Have you made notes about your life or written a rough draft of your story? I can edit and format your work to create an illustrated book.


Do you have written materials that need organizing, such as diaries, letters, or vignettes you’ve captured in a memoir-writing class? Use our team’s creativity and skills to make them more accessible to you and your family.


Coaching personal historians

I help people pursue livelihoods as personal historians by mentoring and coaching newcomers to the field. I offer expertise in interviewing, book production, marketing and business skills. Contact me to discuss your needs.


          Trena arrives with engaging material and delightful skill in customizing a talk for her audience. She includes common-interest items (dishware, clothing, furniture, old cars) that often resonate personally, reviving good memories and engaging other personal histories, all while setting a most positive tone.                            
- Berkeley Breakfast
Club Member 2014

What people like about Trena's presentations:


“Her humor, her content, her empathy,

her sincerity, her expertise”



“Her visuals and her grace”



“Her personality and presence”



“An excellent focus on real

examples and issues”



”Well prepared, with great content”



“Superb, amazing”


Trena has presented at:


Albany Library

Arlington Community Church

Association of Personal Historians

Berkeley Breakfast Club

Berkeley City Club

Berkeley YMCA


City Commons Club


Drake Terrace (Marin)


…and on through the alphabet.


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