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Leave a legacy


Ensure that your life story and family history are not forgotten. Turn your stories, photos, and memorabilia into an heirloom memoir. With our top-flight skills in interviewing, writing, editing, and book design, we’ll work closely with you to create an archival volume of heart and significance.


The process


Whether you choose a substantial Legacy Book or a more modest but equally charming Small Book or Booklet, I’ll record your oral history and produce a polished first-person narrative from the interviews. My design team will scan and restore your photos and other ephemera, then custom-design a lovely and captivating layout to match your stories.

A one-of-a-kind gift: to honor a loved one

on a special birthday or anniversary,

commission a personal history. 

Welcome from

Trena Cleland


Thank you for visiting

my site. Since 1998,

my team and I have

documented the histories

of dozens of individuals

and families, transforming half-remembered stories and forgotten photos into compelling legacy books.

          With Trena's help, our mother passed down to us a lovely memoir of personal and historical value. In her book, Mama's personality is richly captured; her voice just shines through. This is due to Trena's questions, encouragement, and good listening powers. It is a beautiful achievement.
- M. Escudier,
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