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This delightful book delves into the histories of both halves of a fascinating couple. It was drawn from extensive interviews with the 90-year old wife, who told us both her own life story and that of her husband.

Inez & John was produced as a 7”x 9” hardback with a beautiful laminated dust jacket and loads of classic family photos. We added a Life Timeline that ties together key dates from the author’s life with fascinating facts from American history. (For example, the Titanic sank in 1912, the year Inez was born; in 1939, the year she and John were married, gas cost 19 cents per gallon.)

Her daughter calls the memoir “a work of substance, heart, and historical significance…a beautiful achievement.”

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Collage is a substantial softcover book of 185 pages. Many of its short chapters consist of essays written by the author in a memoir-writing class. We edited the essays and wove them into a compelling narrative, then interviewed the author to capture more anecdotes and expand her story.

Wonderful archival family photographs illustrate the text, a handsome portrait of the author acts as a Frontispiece, and a comprehensive Life Timeline serves as a handy appendix. The book ends with a beautiful Afterword written by the author’s granddaughter.

This book was so popular that the author’s friends clamored to purchase their own copies!

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This book was commissioned by the author’s husband as a birthday gift for “the woman who has everything.” Its 70 pages were based on four hours of interviews that bring the reader from the author’s Missouri childhood in the 1930s to her adventures in San Francisco in the 1960s, from her extensive travels (we included many photos of exotic locales) to her passion for the art of Japanese flower arranging. A photo of one of her ikebana arrangements graces the cover of her memoirs.

In addition to printing the book in softcover for her relatives and friends, we prepared an elegant leather-bound and embossed copy for the author’s only child — a priceless heirloom gift.

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